Rachel Bedford - Ordinand

How long have you been at St Mark's for? We joined the church in April 2015.

What is your role in the church? I am an ordinand at St Mellitus College. This means I'm training to be a vicar and St Mark's is my placement church. I am due to be ordained in July 2016 and then will (all being well!) be the curate at St Mark's for the following three years!

What is your favourite thing about St Mark's? The church has been very welcoming of us and I also love the fact that there is an action song every week! I think sure the longer we are here, the more things I will learn about the church and come to value.

What is your favourite food? I love Greek food (my Dad's side of the family are from Cyprus)
What animal would you be and why? Probably a lark because I like to get up early and I like to sing
What's your vision for your area of the church's life? I love discovering new things about what it is to be a disciple of Jesus – so I am excited about the opportunity to preach at St Mark's and share what I'm learning with the congregation! I am also passionate about children and young people discovering and growing in faith and am keen to get involved in this area of church life.